For Teens and Adults White belt to Blue Belts.

Breakthrough is a robust combination of character building, safety skills, personal development and fitness.Students get to exercise and develop the most physically and psychologically powerful version of themselves.Their confidence, discipline and respect increase as they gain the skills to be successful in the everyday and capable in crisis.There are four levels of curriculum at our school: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert.Expert level is practiced in the black belt class and the other three are practiced in Junior Breakthrough.While beginner level students may get to experiment with higher level materials in this class, they will only be responsible to test on beginner level materials.This constant exposure to all three levels facilitates learning the whole curriculum and puts the learning in a greater context.

Weekly Schedule:Breakthrough students classes last 45 minutes (although IMAX students stay the full hour).Classes meet Monday at 5 PM and 8 PM; Thursday at 6 PM and 8 PM; and Saturday at 10 AM.It is recommended you attend classes twice a week; once on Monday and once in the second half of the week.This timing is optimum as there are two different lesson plans each week but not critical.

Test Stripes and Belt Advancement:White and Yellow Belt are the first two belts and can be completed in 2-3 months each.The next four belts (Orange, Purple, Blue and Blue With Green Stripe) take three months each and require learning six techniques (two striking Sets, three Escapes, and one Ground fighting technique).The exact dates of belt advancements are listed in our calendar of events and on a poster in the studio lobby.Students will earn a Test Stripe for technical competence in that belts’ material.

Material covered:

1st Quarter: 5 Set, Duck Under, Body Hold, 9 Set, 10 Set, and Ground 1

2nd Quarter: 6 Set. Shuck, Front Head Lock, 11 Set, 12 Set, and Ground 2

3rd Quarter: 7 Set, Sprawl, Side Head Lock. 13 Set, 14 Set, and Ground 3

4th Quarter: 8 Set, Arm Drag, Strangle Hold, 15 Set, 16 Set and Ground 4

Advanced Breakthrough:Once students get their Green Belt, they are considered to be an Advanced Breakthrough student.Advanced students are required to test on more difficult material and subject to higher technical standards. Testing for Advanced Junior Breakthrough students happens in March, July and November.During the March test, students test on a single form whereas on the other two tests, they learn both a Form and a Ground.There are six belts worth of material in Advanced Junior Breakthrough; three greens and three browns

Maximum Impact (IMAX):IMAX is the second level of our character curriculum.It is an extraordinary four year long journey to prepare students to think and act like a black belt.Students learn about communication, leadership, teamwork and success habits in ways that adults frequently report expands their career and personal lives.Students apply to join IMAX starting at Orange belt and completing all four years is a prerequisite for Black Belt so it is advised to join the program soon after achieving Orange Belt.In addition to learning leadership skills, there are exclusive benefits when you’re a member of the IMAX program such as a grey IMAX uniform, special events and performance classes.

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Being a parent is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding jobs you will ever have. It’s great to see your children grow and mature, but there probably have been moments when you’ve wished they’d been born with an instruction manual. Parents always second guess themselves: Am I doing the right things? Is my child going to grow up to be a good person? Am I providing the tools for my child to find success in this competitive world?

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